Our Methods of Teaching

Here is just a small list of Modalities that have to offer with a wide range of teachers.


When all elements are in harmony, peace is found.

Water - Water is the element that shows us how to flow in and out of our emotions. To allow us to truly feel deep within ourselves and to be authentic with how we feel in any given moment. It is the learning tool necessary to be able to be truthful.

Earth - Earth is the solid foundation for our selves. Ground upon which we can build to see how far our creations can truly grow. Without a solid foundation the creations in which we wish to manifest can topple over.

Wind - Wind is the nurturing caress of the elements. It gives us that gentle kiss upon our skin to let us know we are never alone and to keep pressing forward, it is those nudges that we require to know we are always where we are supposed to me.< /p>

Fire - Fire is the passion the inspiration that burns in our hearts. To seek out others who are like minded, to share our own inner wisdoms with one another. Like a long lost family. This passion will always burn within us and at times it is reignited by another's inner light.

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