The Center for Inner Wisdom welcomes you!

Our center exists with a well-defined focus, and that is to enhance and further your spiritual, mystical and metaphysical understanding and practices, refining them with valuable knowledge and good form.  We do not and will never provide any education into the dark side of any spiritual practice or mystical arts.  We exist in light and love for our self-respect and the respect of our students.  We are a diversified faculty of well-trained and well educated teachers.  We are here to help you grow in varied ways.  We ensure that your time with us will be well spent.

Each teacher is unique, and we gather together to bring you extraordinary lessons in varied spiritual practices.  Each faculty member has been proven through time to bring comprehensive lessons to their students, and through them, we assure you will receive a wide variety of modalities.

We stand on the principal that each and every person has innate spiritual powers which are greatly influential, yet often unrealized and ignored.  Let us help you to find your core gifts, and aid you in honing your skills to become the master of your human experience.

Our programs are defined by time.  We ask that you be prompt when attending a class.  Each program will generally offer reading materials.  We are thorough, and we believe in elevating education into an art form.  Education should always be exciting, fulfilling, wondrous and fun, and it should always deliver value to you at a reasonable price.

Our center provides ample space, in three separate rooms which are immaculately clean, outfitted as two classrooms and one treatment room.  Each classroom is well air-conditioned, and will provide comfortable seating for you.